CryptoHuman Foundation

Inspired by CryptoPunks, Nouns, and other pioneering projects the CryptoHuman Foundation is for those passionate to transform the world. People, artists, leaders, workers, lovers, geniuses, degens and all are welcome so long as you make no excuses and devote your life to fighting greed and evil across the world.

Resurrected to enjoy the sun with us, their decendents, CryptoHuman are a collection of 10,000 NFTs hand-drawn from the beyond.

Every Human is unique and wants to build a bond with you. Ownership of a CryptoHuman NFT is membership to the Foundation.

Project Roadmap


Bring 10,000 CryptoHuman back to life
Connect cool people who are passionate about improving the world


Launches if CryptoHuman value is 6.9BNB
Allows Foundation to grow continuously over time
A new CryptoHuman will be minted and auctioned daily


Invests all proceeds from auctions
Equally owned by each member
Supports people and initiatives that protect the environment

Transform the World

Fight greed and evil across the world
Security for all members of the Foundation
Access the CryptoHuman Foundation Metaverse


The Collection

Community Values

1. All humans are equal and deserve dignity

2. Countries and borders are creations

3. Housing, food, and freedom are basic rights

4. Art is beautiful, powerful, and important

5. We need to watch how much we destroy earth

6. We welcome all identities and positive ways of living

7. The future shall destroy companies that harm the society or the environment

8. The future must remove power from those who are greedy and take wealth at the detriment of many

9. Existence is long and we need to set up for the coming thousands of years

10. Our actions determine the world of tomorrow


Each Crytpo Human lives on the Binance Smartchain as a BEP-721 Token

All 10,000 are unique with their own attribute, some are more rare

CryptoHuman are 69x69 pixels

Current Wallet Address:

0.69 BNB + gas